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Your Gynecologist in Columbus, GA

From menstruation to menopause, women’s reproductive systems affect many other aspects of their wellness. It’s important to monitor and properly care for these systems to ensure a long, healthy life, and at Harbison Covenant Healthcare we’re proud to offer compassionate, personalized, knowledgeable support to our patients. Respect is important to us, and we’re committed to helping our patients feel comfortable before, during, and after every appointment.

What Areas of Health Does Gynecology Cover?

Gynecology is the area of medicine dedicated to diagnosing and treating women’s reproductive organs. With pelvic exams, pap smears, breast exams, and other assessments, a gynecologist can use their acute training to assess a woman’s wellness needs. From monitoring the hormonal effects of birth control to diagnosing and treating conditions like Turner syndrome, your gynecologist will support overall physical wellness. Gynecology addresses the following aspects of women’s health care:

  • Endometriosis
  • Reproductive health
  • Vaginal infections

Learn More About Gynecology

A gynecology exam may be focused on one or many different aspects of vaginal/reproductive health. A physical gynecological exam will likely include a urine sample, a pelvic exam (both internal and external), a pap smear, and a breast exam.

At Harbison Covenant, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional, compassionate care that ensures your comfort. We form interpersonal relationships with our patients to build trust and create peace of mind to make the valuable health services we provide less stressful. Contact us today to request your appointment.

Endometriosis is an often painful condition that occurs when uterus-like cells grow outside of the uterus. In some cases, it can cause extremely painful menstrual cycles and complications with fertility. To learn more about this condition or to address your personal concerns about endometriosis, book your appointment at Harbison Covenant Healthcare today.

In addition to a yearly physical or well-woman exam, you should book a yearly gynecological exam with a certified specialist. At certain times in our lives, it becomes more important to be proactive about certain aspects of our health. When you were a teen, you may have been monitored yearly for the development of scoliosis. As a post-pubescent adult, you’ll likely need yearly gynecology exams for the rest of your life. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, we’re here for you. Contact our practice today to book an appointment with a board-certified OB/GYN and learn more.

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