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Compassionate Obstetrics Practice in Columbus, GA

At Harbison Covenant Healthcare, we’re dedicated to providing women and their families with health services when it matters most. Our team is here to support our patients as they address their reproductive health, whether that consists of yearly gynecological exams or family planning. We’re proud to connect with our patients on an interpersonal level, creating a more meaningful quality of care and a sense of reassurance. Request your appointment by accessing our patient portal below.

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Obstetrics and Gynecology Team Members

The Harbison Covenant Healthcare team is a compassionate group of trained professionals here to serve the Columbus, GA community. Each member of our kind and knowledgeable care staff has certified medical education to properly address your health goals. Dr. Harbison is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, and she loves providing health care for women, bringing babies into the world, and offering support for families and partners.

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Learn More About Obstetrics and Gynecology

We recommend scheduling an appointment with an OBGYN as soon as you know you’re pregnant. If you suspect you’re pregnant or you’ve taken an at-home test, a board-certified obstetrician can provide professional, accurate results. Many first prenatal appointments are scheduled around 8 weeks.

Often, young women have their first gynecological exam between ages 13 to 15. It can help establish a baseline for their reproductive health and ease them into many of the major changes associated with puberty. If you’re an adult and you’ve never been to a gynecologist before, no worries! Contact us today to book your first appointment and address your gynecological health needs.

At Harbison Covenant, we pride ourselves on personal, comfortable care provided with respect and empathy. Your visit to our obstetrics office will be a conversation between doctor and patient, where the doctor will ask questions about your medical history and personal health. This can include questions about your menstrual cycle and sexual activities.

Answering these questions honestly is important for your overall health and our ability to provide the best possible care. Your answers will be received without judgment and if you’re concerned about confidentiality with regards to your answers, use your appointment as an appropriate time to voice your concerns before answering any questions.

You’ll also have time to ask your own questions, such as questions about sex, exams, vaccines, disease prevention, and physical changes you’re experiencing.

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